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      Aug 8, 2021

      What does the body of evidence have to say on the topic of ergonomics? Plus: should a maker of vaping products have bought out an entire issue of an ademic journal to publish its studies, and we answer questions from our listeners about osteoporosis and COVID contrarians.


      Block 1:

      Ergonomics: rpal tunnel syndrome...

      Jul 18, 2021

      Jonathan and Chris speak to Dr. Lindsay Dunn, a kinesiologist and co-director of the Theories and Interventions in Exercise and Health Psychology laboratory at McGill University. In light of the upcoming Summer Olympics, what are banned substances and why are they banned? How common is supplement use among athletes?...

      Jul 4, 2021

      What does the body of evidence have to say on the topic of fibromyalgia? Plus: assorted topil discussions about mixing COVID vaccines, the tiny/maybe/it’s nothing increased risk of myorditis and perirditis with the RNA vaccines, and long-term immunity following COVID vaccination.


      Block 1:

      Fibromyalgia: what...

      Jun 20, 2021

      Chris and Jonathan speak to Dean Tania Bubela from Simon Fraser University, an expert on scientific innovations and intellectual property. The big question: as we try to get COVID-19 vaccines into more arms and in a more equitable fashion worldwide, should the patents pharmaceutil companies have on these vaccines be...

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